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A Demonstration of Digital Radiography: A User's Manual

THE BITEWING™® outlines A DEMONSTRATION OF DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY Technique for the Bitewing Exposure (BWX) and Periapical (PA) X-Ray with Digital Sensor by Claire H. Rossi and Hazel O. Torres.

Currently, little information exists about digital radiographic technique for dentistry. It is the aim of this publication to provide basic information that will allow the dental clinician to be better prepared for the transition to this powerful new digital radiography technology. Topics discussed include: digital sensor equipment, digital sensor parallel placement technique, and an overview of computer software. The format of the publication is a step by step illustrative technique. This publication details all common dental situations and the location of image acquisition. The purpose of this protocol is to help qualified licensed participants to gain professional knowledge with the intention to set-up and capture the digital radiographic image in your dental practice, or to include in the curriculum of dental school training.  Subtitled THE BITEWING™®, A Users Manual.

Digital Radiography Booklet

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